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Digital Preservation of Old Mission Dolores

CyArk has recently announced the availability of the digital record of Old Mission Dolores, the oldest building in San Francisco, California and the first mission to be digitally preserved as part of CyArk’s Digital El Camino Real de California program.

I took the Virtual Tour which seemed to be quite easy to use providing the ability to pan and zoom the model using a mouse. There is no question that this level of detail provides a virtual visitor with a great sense of what is there. When I tried to access the 3D Content I got a message that my graphics card did not my graphics card did not support WebGL.

Mission Dolores curator Andrew Galvan said, “The partnership with CyArk has been an incredible fundraising tool for us, not only have we been able to document the mission, we have been able to secure additional funds for detailed conservation drawings and the creation of our first mobile app which will help us to meet our commitment at Mission Dolores to tell the accurate history of the California Missions. Our educational goals at Mission Dolores are to keep our interpretive programs focused on the native peoples and rooted in academia.”


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