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Dental Health Improved with 3D Laser Scanning

image of Dental Health Improved with Laser Scanning
Dental Health Improved with Laser Scanning

“Bhandari Dental has invested in the best dental equipment to keep all of our patients’ smiles shining,” says Dr. Vineet Bhandari of Bhandari Dental, Oakville, Ont. “One of the most remarkable pieces of equipment is the iTero Digital Laser Scanner, which provides 3D intraoral scanning technology,” to improve dental health.

From an article in The Star.

The technology is used in the dental office to make impressions of the mouth needed to make restorations like crowns, inlays, or dental implants. There’s no exposure to any sort of radiation, says Bhandari, and the best part is it’s fast and accurate.

“Dental restorations are designed to save teeth … and to provide teeth that look and feel natural and do their job. Restorations also help keep other teeth in the mouth spaced correctly for eating.”

How does the scanning technology work?

The laser scanner is a compact, hand-held wand. The head of the wand fits easily into the mouth and within just a few minutes takes three-dimensional digital images of the structure of the teeth and gums.

“It scans with over 100,000 points of reference,” explains Bhandari.

“The iTero scanner is all about patient comfort and providing a digital impression that is much more accurate than a routine dental impression.”

For patients, the scanner also replaces the need — and discomfort — of having dental impressions made using plaster. There’s no sitting and waiting for messy liquid plaster in the mouth to solidify.

Once the scanning process begins, it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary. The dentist can even show the patient what their teeth will look like after the restoration.

Bhandari will often utilize the iTero Digital Laser Scanner in the following dental procedures:

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