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Deforestation Being Tracked with Lidar

image of Deforestation Being Measured with Lidar

Shaheer Rehan writing for AZO Sesnsors notes that, “Tropical forests are projected to become a source of carbon rather than a sink in the not-so-distant future due to the unrelenting loss of forests and the influence of climate change on the capability of existing forests to collect extra carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is an ominous sign for the global effort to keep global warming in check and may fail to limit global warming with the target of 2oC.” The good news is that the use of lidar sensors is making it possible to more accurately quantify deforestation.

Recent international accords have focused on ending deforestation and forest degradation, but one of the major concerns in the effectiveness of these accords was a lack of consistent data to monitor emissions and design models, which made it a challenge to act on defined policies.

Thanks to recent advances in spaceborne technology, high-resolution imaging, and increased processing power, scientists have now got their hands on a revolutionary and potent instrument. In forest surveillance, the importance of accurate data cannot be overstated, and the recent technological breakthroughs have inaugurated what many have dubbed as the golden era of forest monitoring by providing scientists with groundbreaking data on the actual amounts of carbon emission and absorption.

According to experts, it is not only the first step towards developing a worldwide standard for measuring emissions and amount of forest carbon, but it may also bring enormous disparities between the actual amount of carbon stored in a country’s forests and the amount claimed to be stored.”

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