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Definiens to Launch Online Community

  1. Definiens announced the creation of an online community aimed at sharing third party technology.
  2. Their website is being developed to support blogs, wikis, and other related networking tools.
  3. I wonder if customers will be willing to share and use third party applications from this kind of community.

I have blogged about the object-based image analysis – OBIA approach that Definiens claims to have founded. Instead of working pixel by pixel, their software seeks to establish the context of a region of pixels from a combination of remotely sensed data inputs, including LiDAR. I have heard people speak very highly of its capabilities.

The company recently announced plans to essentially create an online community, or “application marketplace” where users can exchange custom built software to solve unique remote sensing problems. A quick visit to their website reveals a section called the eCognition Community, where there are references to blogs, wikis, etc. It is just getting started.

What interests me the most from their press release is the idea that customers will be willing to share their custom developed applications. We are certainly moving in this direction with open source software projects on the increase, but this seems to be somewhat different. Definiens is offering to facilitate both the commercial and non-profit distribution of third party applications. They say that there has been an informal exchange of rule sets for some time.

I wonder whether customers will be willing to share and/or trust a third party application, not to mention the liability issues. It is an innovative plan and one that will be interesting to monitor.

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