Day One at Transportation Asset Management Conference

nvidiaThe first day at the 11th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management kicked off with a number of short keynotes. The most interesting opening comment was that DOTs must look at becoming performance – based organizations, not just implementors of performance – based programs. It has to become the culture of the organization which is a major change in the business model.

It was noted that the final rule for implementing the performance programs required by Map-21 and FAST will be issued this fall. This will provide a lot more detail and drive more investment in asset management including data collection particularly for pavement and bridges.

The conference was organized into 5 tracks which were supported with a number of papers. There were no vendor booths at the event which was a surprise, but it did simplify things. The next conference will be in two years.

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  1. Beril says:

    I would be interested to help with organizing similar events in Europe.

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