Day 2 SPAR 2012

Once again I found myself unable to keep up. Kevin Williams from ClearEdge packed them in for his presentation on automated feature extraction. I am hearing good things about their software in general. Joe Chumbley gave one of the more impressive presentations on how he is using scanning on a number of very demanding Lockheed Martin aircraft projects.

David Boardman the moderator for the Open Source 3D session wasted no time in telling us that he thought this would be the most important session of the conference – hmm. After checking with a few people to confirm my impression, I would have to say it is in the running.

The session was focused around the open source PCL – Point Cloud Library project which I have noted before. The main thrust is really all about the convergence of laser scanning and robotics. The scary part is that it is all free and that over 300 people are working on it around the clock around the world.

Ken Spratlin, Director of Innovation for Trimble made some incredible statements about the impact that the PCL project could have on our laser scanning community, predicting that all of the vendors on the show floor could be “leveled” by this project. This was taken seriously by many in the room.

There should be a great ASTM E57 session tomorrow morning. We have made important progress since last year with adoption. The pressure is building on those not supporting it, but we need end users to request it. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Ken Smerz says:

    The open source PCL is a game changer within the industry. This will push anyone using LiDAR into new and yet unrecognized markets. I asked the panelist after the discussion individually what this would look like in 3-5 years…and nobody could really answer the question. Exciting stuff.

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