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Day 2 at ILMF 2019 Produced a Number of Hidden Gems

Day 2 at ILMF 2019 resulted in discussions and presentations with a number of companies that have truly outstanding products which I doubt you have heard of.

photo of people playing Day 2 at ILMF 2019 - The Pokemon Game

Day 2 at ILMF 2019 – The Pokemon Game

The keynotes were interesting, but not quite what I was hoping for, particularly in the case of AEye co-founder, Dr. Barry Behnken who prefers the term ladar to lidar, but it’s too late to argue about that. I was thinking he might provide some detail on AEye’s intelligent sensing approach which eliminates much of the data at the time of collection using an edge computing philosophy, thereby reducing issues with latency and volume of data.

It was not to be, but he did comment a couple of times that the autonomous vehicle industry is moving too fast and that it should step back and assess where it is in the technology adoption cycle. He also noted there are specific rules concerning power and eye safety where they are starting to hit the theoretical limit.

Dr. Peter Batty from IQGEO recommended the book Never Lost Again by Bill Kilclay and provided a very impressive video from the Pokemon game by Niantic. The playing of this game is resulting in the collection of the world’s largest database of crowd sourced map data as part of the augmented reality created by the game.

At the top of the list of innovative products is Blackmore with their Doppler lidar, autonomous vehicle technology that provides both the range and velocity of moving objects. I cannot imagine a safety official who sees this demonstration in real time not wanting this on all vehicles.

Not all that far behind was Paracosm with their PX-80 slam-based portable laser scanner and camera system. Priced at $30k this has applications both indoors and outdoors over a wide range of applications.

VisionLidar from Geo-Plus is an extremely comprehensive lidar software processing system that can connect to a number of CAD packages as well as a host of application modules for AEC.

Over the next week I intend to do a more in-depth look at these companies and their products.

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