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Day 2 ILMF 2016

lidarDay 2 at ILMF 2016 was all about content. Following up on yesterday’s discussion of single photon and Geiger-mode lidar the USGS and others reported on the results of field tests made this past fall in Connecticut. Linear mode lidar data was compared to the Sigma Space single photon system and the Harris Geiger-mode over the same area.

In general, the results demonstrated the viability of both systems. There are a lot of details to be worked out, but it would seem that these systems are going to disrupt the market.

Kudos to all involved in turning this research effort around in such a short period of time. It should be noted that neither company charged for their services.

At lunch with Ken Scruggs he noted that he had not heard anyone mention a key data collection parameter for these systems – swath width. Hmmm, that sure is important when trying to make cost comparisons. There are also concerns about time stamps and intensity.

The USGS also noted that they will need to review their specs as they were not developed with these new systems in mind.

There were also sessions on topo-bathy, data fusion,automated feature extraction and forestry applications. It was a full day followed by a social event at a local brewery.

If you have a few minutes be sure to stop by the Phase One Industrial booth to learn more from Ken about combining lidar with their medium format camera.

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