Day 2 at SPAR 2011

Day 2 at SPAR 2011 was just a little less hectic. The folks at Certainty 3D provided me with an impressive demo of their TopoDOT software. If highway surveys are your game, you have to look at this software.

Joseph Chumbley from Lockheed Martin gave one of the most impressive presentations of the entire conference on the highly specialized and demanding 3D visualization services that his group provides to the company. Joseph has an in-depth understanding of error propagation and accuracy. There would be a lot less discussion about these topics if we all had a Joseph on our team.

I got to meet Ken Smerz the driving force behind the new 3D Professional Association – 3DPA. Ken is committed to taking this organization from concept to reality – so much so that he is investing his own money to get it off the ground. Please have a look and let one of us know what you think.

Tomorrow morning is the ASTM E57 session. I think it is fair to say that the top 2 issues mentioned at the conference were the explosion in data and the need for standards. As Joe Croser from Pointools reminded me, “Standards are like toothbrushes – we all know we should use one, but no one wants to use anyone else’s”.

I hope we can prove him wrong.

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