Day 1 ILMF 2016

42068_ilmf16_savethedate_250x250ILMF 2016 has about 850 attendees and the really good news is that everyone that I spoke with said that they had a lot of business. Obviously the oil and gas sector is not doing well, but I think the underlying growth in 3D is allowing our industry to maintain its growth momentum.

In case you were not there on the vendor side Riegl announced two new mobile mapping systems. The program kicked off with two interesting discussions. The first was on the incredible mapping challenges that lie beneath our oceans and the second was an report on the life changing effect that airborne lidar has had on archaeologists.

Jason Stoker from the USGS provided a detailed report on the 3DEP program, which is underway although it only has one half of the funding that is needed. He also updated the audience on changes that are taking place to the NGP Lidar Base specification. One item that caught my attention was a statement that LAS may not be the best data format going forward – interesting.

The rest of the program was devoted to single photon, Geiger-mode and flash lidar. Qassim Abdullah took a very bold stand in that he said he believes we may have gone as far as we can with linear mode lidar and that over time the system of choice will be one of these new methods.

Day 2 will open with a discussion of project results from recent use of single photon and Geiger-mode by the USGS.

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