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Day 1 at Optech’s ILSC

Don Carswell  welcomed the 100+ attendees to the 2nd ILSC by noting that the economy was much better than 2 years ago and that Optech was doing well. He noted that the technology had come a long way from when they first displayed a LiDAR image in their booth at an ASPRS conference in 1995 only to have it be dismissed as “being a pretty bad photo”.

Don was followed by an eye opening keynote from USGS Research Physicist Dr. Gerald Bawden in which he described a number of uses of LiDAR data in support of geoscientific research, such as plate tectonics, levee stability and glacial retreat. He noted that it’s the ability of LiDAR to study large landscapes with great detail that makes it so valuable.

The program then separated into 2 tracks – airborne and mobile. The airborne focused on power line applications, while the mobile track was looking at telecom, gas utilities and transportation. Mark Senior noted that even though the Optech Lynx was only able to locate a few points on a gas line replacement project due to the traffic and barricades, it was enough to establish a 3D alignment.

A few of the highlights of the afternoon session was Chris Hopkinson’s report on the C-Clear LiDAR research projects that his group supports and a laser scanner “shootout” that a German Land Surveyor organization sponsored – I am going to do a full article on this in the future.

This is just a sampling – it was like “drinking from the fire house”. Stay tuned.

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