Data Management Strategy is a Key to Success

In speaking with Ted Knaak recently he pointed out that data management is one of the

Image of TopoDot Software in Use Data Management

TopoDOT Software from Certainty 3D

key issues that needs to be addressed when working with large quantities of 3D data. People are able to learn the techniques for extracting 3D features from point clouds in a relatively short amount of time using Certainty 3D’s industry leading TopoDOT software (see the video below showing how to extract breaklines), but in some cases they are not paying enough attention to laying out the data management strategy so that the large  quantities of information can be easily accessed by the entire organization.

Over the years Ted and his team have been working to develop the necessary training materials to not only extract 3D CAD features, but to manage the business issues  such as data management. Their TopoDOT University has been a huge success in bringing both the technical and management training to prospective and existing TopoDOT customers.

Ted tells me that they are in the process of finalizing a Train the Trainer class which will include two weeks of hands on training at their facility in Florida. That should help many of Certainty 3D’s larger customers with improving access to training.

TopoDOT is one of the Featured Channels on the Lidar News YouTube channel.

On a final note, large organizations such as DOTs are struggling as they shift from paper to digital. Point cloud data is just one of many data types that IT departments are going to have to support, but unfortunately these departments in most cases do not have the mandate to make this happen. It is going to take time.

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