Data Interoperability Coming Soon

  1. I have just returned from the ASTM E 57 semiannual meeting in Vancouver, BC – spectacular place.
  2. E57.04, the data interoperability subcommittee is ready to finalize the design document.
  3. By the end of the year the plan is to deliver a draft of the ASTM standard and beta versions of the reference reader/writer software.

I have just returned from 4 days in Vancouver, BC. It is everything that I have heard about it being a great city and more. The weather was spectacular, which is not always the case, but you have to get lucky sometimes. The stated purpose of the trip was to attend the ASTM semi-annual committee meeting of E57 3D Imaging. As I have mentioned your author is the Chair of the E57.04 Data Interoperability subcommittee.

As a result of the meeting, I have really important and positive news to report, so I was not goofing off the whole time. To be honest, the subcommittee was mired in a number of debates going into the meeting that were quite frankly bogging us down. I am sure all of the members would agree with this. Creating standards, especially with a volunteer committee of highly technical software people is like the proverbial “herding cats” scenario.

However, we made a lot of progress in resolving a number of contentious issues and now we are ready to finalize the design document. This will be posted as a working document for members of ASTM to review.

This will allow us to start 2 major projects – writing the actual ASTM standard and creating both a file reader and writer reference implementation. The draft of the spec and the alpha software versions are scheduled for completion by October 1, 2009. This is the culmination of 2.5 years of work to get to this point.

The standard will be able to read/write LAS, and we are also hoping to include an optional mobile mapping data extension.

The reason for going public with this is to increase awareness on the part of end users, and hardware/software vendors. In the first case the hope is to start the buzz of support for this from end users. We hope that you will begin to ask your vendors when they intend to release support for the E57.04 standard.

In the case of the vendors, it is provide advance notice so they can build the required software development time into their product planning schedule. Release of beta software is planned for late 2009, so please start to think about including this in your plans.

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