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Cyclone Gabrielle – Mapping the Aftermath

photo of Cyclone Gabrielle Aftermath Mapped with Lidar

Engineers are relying on technology to reveal the details and potential threat of landslides in Auckland’s west coast communities that were hit hard by Cyclone Gabrielle.

From an article in Stuff by Ali Mau. Photo supplied by Ross Roberts.

Residents would have seen a helicopter fly back and forth over the townships of Muriwai, Piha and Karekare on Saturday, Auckland Council’s head of engineering resilience Ross Roberts said.

Equipped with specialised lidar technology, the chopper has been making a detailed scan of the land in its new form.

“For the communities that are effected, getting the answers is not a quick process,” Roberts said. “In some places, like Muriwai, there’s not going to be a rapid resolution.”

However, Roberts wants to work quickly but make sure the end result is robust.

The data generated by the lidar chopper gets processed in New Zealand, Singapore and Germany to produce a 3D model of the whole area with aerial photography draped over the model, Roberts said.

The survey provides 50 points of data per square metre and, coupled with a repeat survey, it will allow engineers to see what has changed and quantify the risk of further landslides.

Roberts is hopeful the follow-up survey can take place in a week’s time, but that will depend on the need for the equipment in other parts of the country.

Auckland Council initially brought in the equipment from Singapore-based company, Dimap, to do a baseline survey of coastal erosion in the Auckland region.

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