CyArk Update

John Ristevski is the new CEO and Chairman of CyArk. He assumes this role from industry icon Ben Kacyra, the founder of CyArk. Here are a few thoughts from a recent press release:

“Then in late 2016 I found my way back to CyArk – and found many things had changed. There were now hundreds of sites captured across all 7 continents. But the most exciting thing – there were now real possibilities to work with the data and share it with others in powerful ways. It is unlocking this value in the data that truly excites me. My interests have not changed throughout my career. Capturing data continues to outpace the ability to make sense of it and make it truly useful – and it is this untapped potential that CyArk has that I would like to explore. Making this data open to others for research and knowledge building, transforming it and making it useful in solving pressing conservation and preservation issues at sites, and presenting it in powerful and informative ways to share the wonder of these places and inspire.”

Good luck John and many thanks to Ben and Barbara.


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