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Customer Success is the Focus at Drone Lidar Company

image of Microdrones Customer Success Story
Microdrones Customer Success Story

Customer success at Microdrones is contingent upon the ability of our end users to create value with our technology. Therefore, it’s important to communicate the applications, deliverables and success stories that our customers experience. Microdrones recently hosted our first Geo Days event as an opportunity for customers and geospatial experts to learn how to make drones a part of their Surveying, Mapping, LiDAR and inspection work.

From a Microdrones blog.

In addition, we talked with clients about use cases, deliverables and the results that customers are experiencing with Microdrones Integrated Systems. The video below summarizes some of those success stories.

At Microdrones, we are always interested in learning how our customers are using our Integrated Systems to solve complex challenges. The drones that are manufactured by Microdrones are just a portion of the overall solution. Mike Hogan, Director, Business Development for Microdrones, comments: “We help customers in the mapping, surveying and infrastructure inspection fields to understand the value of using drones. Before digging into the specific features and technologies it’s critical to understand: what the customer’s business is, what data they are trying to collect, and how they are going to apply it.”

Good success stories come from understanding the desired outcome and challenges. Then Microdrones can help incorporate the proper Integrated System into a customer’s workflow and achieve a solution that applies directly to the situation.

“We’re as much in the solutions business as we are the drone business,” explains Hogan, adding “As a UAV company, prospects come to us with their greatest challenges and loftiest ambitions. Our job is to find solutions to overcome and achieve them, whether that’s through existing or entirely new technology.”

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