Customer Driven Mobile Laser Scanner

Velodyne recently announced a new laser scanner – the HDL-32E. According to the firm’s President, Bruce Hall this new unit is the result of customer requests for a smaller, less expensive, scaled down version of their lidar sensor technology . Instead of 64 lasers the new unit has 32, and at $29,900 (US) the price has been cut in half.

This video provides an excellent product overview. Some of the interesting capabilities include a built-in IMU, ability to sync with an external GPS and wave form capture with one of the lasers.

For many mobile applications this is a very cost effective LiDAR sensor.

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2 Responses to Customer Driven Mobile Laser Scanner

  1. Bill says:

    This is truly a game changer. This puts a really cost-effective sensor (sub-system) for mobile mapping into the hands of applications innovators who require the fundemental capability (LIDAR), but still want to develop their own custom solutions for their particular market.

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