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Cultural Heritage Preserved in 3D with Drones

Image of Cultural Heritage Preserved with Drone Lidar
Cultural Heritage Preserved with Drone Lidar

The Shenyang Imperial Palace in northeast China is considered the most ancient architectural complex of the Qing Dynasty – second to the Forbidden City in Beijing. In recent years, experts have been using high-tech tools, such as drones and 3D modelling for cultural heritage preservation efforts of the major relic from Imperial China. Yu Li tells us more.

From an article on CGTN.

YU LI Shenyang, Liaoning Province “We’re at the Shenyang Imperial Palace, a UNESCO world Heritage site. The drone is ready to take off to collect data for building a three-dimensional model of the Dazheng Hall, the main building served for important ceremonies in Qing Dynasty.”

The digitalization of an ancient structure in the making. The drone is taking in as much details as possible by capturing large amounts of photos around the hall. It has recorded more than 4-thousand images from different angles and positions. Data conversion, at this level, would need high processing power.

XIA XINYU Engineer, Shenyang Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying Research Institute Co. “Each green spot here represents a picture taken by the drone. The location of each photo is obtained through high-precision GPS. The accuracy is at a centimeter level.”

This is a digital version of the relics. The model shows every detail, including patterns on the wall and even exact coordinates of the building. Dun Limin says cutting-edge technology facilitates fundamental work for the preservation of cultural relics.

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