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image of Crowd analytics Improve Safety
Crowd analytics Improve Safety

Orlando International Airport is using lidar-based, real-time crowd analytics technology to maximise safety at its terminals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From an article in Smart Cities World.

Foot traffic monitoring specialist The Indoor Lab partnered with lidar company Cepton to provide the solution.

Called Safe Place, it uses Cepton’s Helius smart lidar system. Helius enables The Indoor Lab to provide intelligent, anonymised, 3D tracking of people and claims to improve the usability, safety and cleanliness of large spaces.

Analytics Partner

The project at Orlando International Airport is one of several early projects initiated by The Indoor Lab and Cepton as part of a strategic partnership. The Indoor Lab is Cepton’s early-stage development and analytics partner. As well as aiming to enable more efficient design of public and private commercial spaces, the partnership seeks to provide a capability to improve public safety during the pandemic and recovery.

“We have a 15-year history of crowd tracking across retail, events, airports, and stadiums,” said Patrick Blattner, co-founder and chief product officer of The Indoor Lab. “So, when Covid-19 started spreading exponentially and negatively affected many public and private spaces, we consulted with leaders involved in drafting proposals for the International Franchise Association, including the use of lidar technology to help put the country back on a path towards normalcy.

With public concerns focused on cleanliness of public and commercial spaces, we extended our Safe Place platform beyond occupancy and social distancing, creating the first proprietary real-time sanitisation detection solution in the market. A Safe Place enabled environment ensures locations have been cleaned, distancing measures are followed, and safer occupancy levels are maintained. Our partnership with Cepton helped us deliver against this promise.”

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