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Crime Scene Mapped at Night with Drone Lidar

photo of Crime Scene Mapped at Night with Drone Lidar

At this year’s Commercial UAV Expo, Sundance Media Group, Kuker-Ranken, Microdrones, and GeoCue demonstrated how to use Drone LiDAR, in the dark, for a Crime Scene Investigation. Using the EasyOne Drone LiDAR system, the Kuker Ranken team scanned a simulated crime scene at night. The data was processed in LP360 to quickly create a digital twin.

Crime scenes demand meticulous attention to detail for effective evidence collection and preservation while ensuring the safety of law enforcement, rescue personnel, and investigators. Drone LiDAR technology delivers unparalleled insights, accuracy, and efficiency in Crime Scene Investigations. Now you can see how the team from Sundance Media Group and Kuker Ranken, demonstrated this technology in action. Click the link below to watch the video of the CSI LiDAR Night Flight.

Drone LiDAR technology, like the EasyOne from Microdrones, can be a valuable asset for law enforcement in crime scene investigations and accident reconstruction. With its ability to capture high-resolution 3D data of an area, drone LiDAR aids investigators rapidly and accurately in documenting and analyzing crime scenes and accident sites like never before.

Douglas Spotted Eagle, Founder & Director of Educational Programming at Sundance Media Group, along with his experienced team, have extensively collaborated with law enforcement on real-world crime scenes. Their invaluable expertise empowers partners and customers, imparting the best practices to harness drone technology effectively.

“We’re really excited about the Drone CSI event,” said Douglas. “One of the things that we have done every year at the Commercial UAV is, we created a nighttime CSI capture, with a mock homicide on site. However, this year was a little bit more exciting because for the first time ever, we’re going to be capturing that scene using LiDAR from the Microdrones EasyOne.”

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