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Cost Effective Topcon Scanner for Surveyors

  1. Topcon just announced the GLS-1000 with a price starting at $75,000.
  2. It captures data at 3,000 pts./sec. with a 4mm accuracy at 150m.
  3. Will this be the catalyst for lower prices?

Long known for aggressively pricing their survey instruments Topcon has just announced the GLS -1000. Billed as the first scanner for surveyors the announcement goes on to say that you can “start scanning for under $75,000”. It captures data at 3,000 points per second and up to 150m it has a stated 4mm accuracy. It also has a built in 2 megapixel camera.

Of course this is not in the category of the tens of thousands of points per second scanners, but Topcon obviously thinks that their typical survey customer does not need that much data. It would seem that this will certainly be competition for Trimble, but the larger question is whether this will cause any of the more high powered vendors to re-think their pricing.

Let me know what you think. Any news from Intergeo?

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