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Coronavirus – If You Have Good News, Please Share It

Photo of El Capitan coronavirus

El Capitan Strong Against the Coronavirus

As some of you may have noticed I have chosen to avoid the issue of the coronavirus crisis that is facing our 3D industry and the world. My reasoning is that I am sure you are receiving plenty of information on this subject and that perhaps this blog could be a calm place in the storm – a place where we could try to carry on with our normal patterns. In the case of this blog that would be posting one a day for the past 10+ years.

I don’t know about you but when I am working it feels better, but I am most definitely one of the lucky ones. For those on the front lines – the health care workers, public safety, grocery store workers – the list is a long one, there are no words to describe your bravery. Thank you seems way too inadequate, but that’s what we have for now.

My idea is to collect and publish on an as-needed basis a recap of news items that I have come across and hopefully stories that you will provide that are positive and uplifting. Doomsdayers need not apply.

We are going to get through this. Is the world going to be a different place? Most definitely, but I choose to think it will eventually be a better place and that the lessons we are learning right now are going to be of tremendous value.

So here are few items I wanted to share:

1. One of the largest survey firms on the U.S. had over 250 crews in the field last week.

2. Alluxa’s lidar thin film, narrow pass filter technology is being used in the virus test kits.

3. Newsight Imaging, an Israeli firm is developing an automotive lidar sensor, as well as a portable IOT and affordable Coronavirus Diagnostic Kit that can identify the virus infection in a matter of seconds using light only. Moreover, it is a much needed portable kit, to serve any clinic or home around the world. For more information click here.

4. Companies like HP and SmileDirectClub are working on adapting their 3D printing technology to produce badly needed medical supplies.

5. My nephew’s team has produced this helpful app at

6. My daughter and her colleagues have developed this local food app for Durham, NC –

It is important to note that all of the smartest medical minds in the world are working on a common enemy. New technology is going to be developed – sooner than later. The world is going to be whatever we want to make it. Think positive.

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