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Cornerstone Report #11 on Hardware Utilization

The USIBD has issued Cornerstone Report #11 on hardware  and utilization.

Logo of Cornerstone Report  #11

Cornerstone Report #11

This Report is a revisit of this subject from three years ago. It takes a deeper dive into specific types of hardware and utilization of each.

Five categories of hardware were reviewed. These include static laser scanners, mobile laser scanners, unmanned aerial vehicles, 360 degree cameras and fixed site cameras.

Contractors made up the largest percentage of respondents, as well as companies with 500+ employees. Stationary scanners were the most widely used with over three quarters of respondents reporting use. Surprisingly almost 50% of the respondents are using UAVs.

The Technology Committee, chaired by Josh DeStefano, and co-chaired by Kelly Cone has put in a great amount of time, energy and effort to make this 30+ page an in-depth report on the five major hardware categories that impact the building documentation industry, including breakdowns by industry where the information was divergent or interesting relative to the overall data.

This is by far the most in-depth and comprehensive issue of the Cornerstone Reports to date.

Additionally please find the attached raw data for the report.

To those of you who participated in taking the survey, the USIBD wants to thank you for your time and input.

For the Report itself click here.

For more information on the USIBD click here.

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