“Consumer Reports” for the Laser Scanning Industry

A group of us were discussing the idea today of a “Consumer Reports” for the laser scanning industry. Seemed like an idea with a lot of potential – an independent group that would test hardware and software and provide an unbiased, expert report of the results. Ah, if it were only that easy.

Who would fund this operation? Could this be done in a standardized way that the industry would accept? Could the lab keep up with the pace of change?

Any interest in discussing?

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2 Responses to “Consumer Reports” for the Laser Scanning Industry

  1. Paul Oberle says:

    Maybe if the organization earned agreement from every OEM to provide it with no more than 2 instruments of every kind and the organization was allowed to use the instruments on profit generating projects. Then you’d have bunch of instruments for free in an organization and plenty of people who would be interested in donating time towards testing with the ability to fund such testing with the profits generated from actual work.

  2. ALS Guy says:

    The issue comes up when someone is competing for that same project with the cost of their equipment and resources attached. They cannot be competitive so you begin to remove potential profit from the industry. This is the same issue when a university or other academic centre conducts a viable, profit producing survey and competes with little to no cost above aircraft or vehicle (of course this is a non-issue with TLS systems).
    We know that system manufacturers rarely have time or resource to conduct wide scale testing and often cater updates or procedure based on this experience. As an industry user, I often complain about the lack of practicality by such practice without industry input to some of the updates.
    I think a moderated user forum would be beneficial for both industry and the manufacturers. Some place where users could post their unbiased experiences with specific hardware and software. Manufacturers could then use these forums to improve their products from a practical stand point and potential consumers could look at the experiences of these new equipment users to help base their decisions. I often wonder if I’m the only having the issues I do or if this is more common than I think?

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