IGTF and SPAR 3D Conference Updates

next-eagle-lidarAs you can imagine with both the ASPRS IGTF and SPAR 3D to cover it is a challenge. I drove from Ft. Worth to the Woodlands and back yesterday. I arrived at SPAR 3D in time to hear a keynote from a Walmart exec that has a vision for an online virtual store shopping experience. He believes this will allow Walmart to compete with the Amazons of the world and in fact offer a better online shopping experience. Not exactly sure how this will generate 3D laser scanning business for service providers, but there is certainly the need for asset management of theirĀ  facilities.

A couple of the products that I came across on the SPAR vendor floor included a software metering offering from Cetrus which includes tracking of the use of the cloud by staff and from a SKUR, a new start-up the ability to compare and analyze point clouds of as found conditions versus the design model.

Shifting to IGTF the keynote by Dr. Larry Mayer on the history and state of the art concerning ocean mapping was one of the best that I can remember and a number of people that I spoke with agreed. Larry is one of the world’s leading experts on this subject and he believes there is a need for the ocean mappers to work much more closely with ASPRS.

As far as the conference attendance and the trade shows are concerned in general although not a significant overlap in terms of the audience I think it is fair to say that both conferences suffered from the fact that they were the same week. In fact, I continue to hear that there are too many conferences in general. This topic deserves a lot more attention and discussion.

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