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Commercial Real Estate and Mobile Mapping

image of Commercial Real Estate and Mobile Mapping
Commercial Real Estate and Mobile Mapping

Mobile mapping is an ideal choice for industries that rely on building documentation. But how does it fit in with commercial real estate? Find out here.

From the NavVis blog by Sean Higgins.

Like other built-world industries, commercial real estate relies heavily on high-quality documentation.

Leasing agents need imagery and walkthroughs to show properties, and 2D floor plans to calculate square footage. Architects use 3D Revit models for buildouts when a lessee moves into a new space. Owners want 2D CAD drawings for space management and 3D Revit models for managing their facility.

This creates a problem. To produce all these deliverables, building owners have historically needed to hire two providers. One for panoramic capture (to produce walkthroughs) and one for terrestrial laser scanning (to produce 2D and 3D models). The result is high costs, bloated timelines, difficulty scaling and a variety of other problems that distract from more important work.

But an experienced laser scanning professional with a mobile mapping system can change that.

The way they’ve always done it

Let’s start by exploring the root of the problem, and the reason building owners have always hired two service providers. It’s fairly simple: Before mobile mapping systems matured, there weren’t any capture tools that could produce accurate 2D and 3D models and walkthroughs.

Terrestrial lidar scanners

These devices are designed to capture extremely accurate point clouds. This data makes it easy to produce an accurate 2D CAD model, and a clean 3D Revit model for leasing agents, architects, and owners.

Unfortunately, point clouds make poor walkthroughs. The data sets are extremely large, notoriously difficult for novices to understand, and require significant training to use. An agent would never hand one over to a prospective lessee to explore a property (if that’s even possible to do).

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