CMSC 2009

  1. The Coordinate Metrology Society – CMS is hosting their 25th anniversary conference July 20 -24.
  2. Laser scanning is just one of the technologies used for close tolerance industrial 3D metrology.
  3. We need to establish better lines of communication with CMS professionals and the metrology world.

I wanted to take the time to highlight the 25th anniversary conference of the Coordinate Metrology Society. CMS is a group of users, service providers and OEM manufacturers of close tolerance, industrial coordinate measurement systems, software & peripherals. CMSC 2009 will be held in Louisville, KY July 20- 24.


This is the world’s premier conference for measurement technology professionals, many of whom have been early pioneers in the use of laser scanning for close tolerance, 3D industrial metrology applications. However, since the organization’s roots pre-date laser scanning other technologies, such as CMM’s – coordinate measurement machines and articulating arms are included as they still have their place in the metrology toolbox. I think this is important to note – the multi-sensor approach.

Although it may seem that these industrial applications are a world apart from terrestrial laser scanning or LiDAR mapping, there are definite overlaps, particularly in the challenges of working with point clouds and 3D CAD modeling. In fact, some of the leading software in this world, such as PolyWorks is being used with great success on longer range terrestrial projects.

I am sure that there is a great deal of knowledge that can be gained from a closer working relationship with CMS professionals and the metrology world. We have been attempting to encourage more participation on the ASTM E57 3D Imaging committee as one vehicle for the exchange of ideas.

I’ll be reporting all next week from SPAR 2009. I know some people from the industrial side will be there and I hope to have the chance to discuss how we can work more closely together.

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