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Civil Consulting Firm Leverages AI and Drone Tech

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Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC) entered the civil consulting world in 1989 as a humble, four-man team of engineers and scientists in Pittsburgh, Pa. More than three decades later, CEC has more than 1,300 employees across almost 30 offices around the U.S. and offers a range of services that also includes surveying/geospatial, waste management, air quality, ecological sciences, water resources, and more. And if recent developments are any indication, CEC is only just getting started. Last year, CEC established a West Coast presence with offices in Sacramento and San Diego, and at the beginning of 2022 acquired Hamilton Designs, LLC of Fishers, Ind., and Pickett, Ray, & Silver, Inc. in the St. Louis area, the latter of which expanded their surveying services to the region.

According to Vice President and Corporate Survey and Geospatial Practice Lead Don Groesser, PLS, as an employee-owned firm, CEC’s ongoing growth stems from a willingness to trust their employees’ initiatives.

“Each person in our company is a leader, and as you grow in your profession, your influence becomes greater, so we really look for the input of the leaders in the company on those acquisition decisions.”

In addition to encouraging growth through new offices and acquisitions, CEC also looks to support that growth through the adoption of meaningful technologies. As CEC’s Corporate Design Technology Manager, Rob Sinclair seeks out new software and tools that can help their current workforce manage projects more efficiently. Finding the right tech has been especially important during the current hiring crisis.

“Any tools that we can use to increase efficiencies and lower the number of manned hours, we’re all for it. Especially in today’s era. We’re hiring – we have 240 open positions right now. We’re always looking for additional talented people to do the work, so any technology that we can use to augment that definitely makes sense.”

And one of those efficiency-boosting technologies that Sinclair has brought to CEC? AirWorks.

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