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Regulating Drones: What Makes a Good Drone Law?

Regulating drones and new technologies, in general,  has always been a cumbersome task for authorities. This important article takes a detailed look at what makes a good drone law. From an article in by Millie Radovic Regulations must encompass … Continue reading

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Which Types of Surveys Make Best Use of LiDAR?

In this guest blog, Dustin Price, Operations Manager at Landpoint provides his insights about which types of surveys can be accomplished with UAV lidar. In the survey field, LiDAR is best known for its use as a general site documentation … Continue reading

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Lidar Drones are Being Used to Protect Scottish Forests

Lidar drones that can see through the forest canopy are being used to protect native Scottish plants threatened by invasive species. From an article by Kenneth Macdonald at the BBC The drones use Lidar (light detection and ranging), which works … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Power Industry

The Electric Power Research Institute, as the name implies is focused on the electric industry. A recent article in the EPRI Journal investigates how drones and artificial intelligence could transform the power system. From an article by Chris Warren. Once … Continue reading

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Drone Flights Over People – The FAA is too Resrictive

The FAA is working to standardize drone flights over people, which is great news for commercial operators. From a Skyward blog by Matt Fanelli. 4/25/19 In my last article, I gave a quick summary of the notice of proposed rulemaking. … Continue reading

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Indonesia Using Lidar UAV to Respond to Earthquake

For the first time ever, Light Detection and Ranging technology (LiDAR) is being used to create maps for post-disaster recovery efforts in Indonesia. Terra Drone Indonesia, in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), is using drone-mounted LiDAR technology … Continue reading

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Zipline Uses Drones to Deliver Medicine

I just watched a short interview on Squawk Box with the CEO of Zipline, Keller Rinaudo who is using drones to deliver medicine in Africa and soon North Carolina. Truly impressive mission and operation. They are making an important difference … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Inspections – Drones are an Important Solution

The use of drones to perform what in many cases are high risk, infrastructure inspections is on the rise. From bridges to pipelines to high voltage transmission towers drones equipped with the right sensor can keep inspectors out of harms … Continue reading

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Digital License Plates for Drones Are Coming

Mariah Scott, the President of Skyward testified before Congress last September making the case for remote identification of drones which can be likened to digital license plates. From the Skyward website. There’s just one problem. Without a system for universal … Continue reading

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Better UAV Power?

Lithium batteries provide relatively short duration flights and are restricted on most commercial airlines; internal combustion engines create air and noise pollution. Are hydrogen fuel cells going to provide the best option? From an article in sUAS News. Like batteries, … Continue reading

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