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Delivery Drones – Do the Benefits Outweigh the Liabilities?

This is a guest post from Karlyn McKell who explores the pros and cons of delivery drones for The Zebra. Social distancing guidelines have made contactless delivery essential for many businesses and delivery services to continue operations. With the rise … Continue reading

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Airborne Lidar Industry Understands Value of Standards

As I mentioned in a recent post, the airborne lidar industry has had the good fortune and wisdom to continue to follow the time proven mapping standards established for aerial photogrammetry projects. Lidar is basically treated as just another imaging … Continue reading

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UAS Warning Signs – Development and Evaluation

Unmanned aerial systems (UASs) are an emerging technology being used in many fields, including surveying engineering. When UASs are used for these activities, they may operate in close proximity to active traffic. UASs could be distracting to drivers and increase … Continue reading

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Wounded Eagle UAS Completes Mission for the VA

Wounded Eagle UAS (WE) unmanned aerial surveillance, with the help of their student UAS operators, completed aerial mapping of VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System’s (VAGLAHS) 388-acre VA West Los Angeles Medical Center (WLA) campus. Using a UAS and drone … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry and Mobile Lidar – A Hybrid Approach

Combining multiple types of geospatial data collection, such as aerial photogrammetry and mobile lidar, requires a detailed knowledge of sensors, error models, navigation, ground control and data processing. This would be a challenge for any geomatics firm, but the rewards … Continue reading

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Construction Firm Reducing Costs with Drones

Many unique challenges arise during the phases of construction and building projects. Even the most seasoned site and business managers of a construction firm can struggle to avoid delays and cost overages, while simultaneously improving operations. From DroneDeploy. Effective communication … Continue reading

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Flight Planning for Lidar-Based UAS Mapping

Abstract: In the last two decades, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) were successfully used in different environments for diverse applications like territorial mapping, heritage 3D documentation, as built surveys, construction monitoring, solar panel placement and assessment, road inspections, etc. These applications … Continue reading

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Thermal Imagery Can be Collected with a Drone

This ARE Corp. blog post introducing the use of thermal imagery was written by Andrew Mallin, UAS/GIS Solutions Specialist. Our clients face various challenges and to help them make informed decisions, ARE Corp. flies a variety of sensors onboard our … Continue reading

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Surveying Control – Its Misuse and Effects on Accuracy

One of the most important concepts in surveying is the principle that surveying control should be significantly more accurate than the actual survey. Some say it should be twice as accurate, some say an order of magnitude. In many cases … Continue reading

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Geomatics Professional versus Licensed Land Surveyor

The term “surveyor” has tremendous historical significance dating back to the Egyptian “rope stretchers,” but I think the time has come for the idea of the geomatics professional to emerge. The digital transformation began in the 1950’s for the surveying … Continue reading

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