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US Army Seeks Partner for Long Distance LiDAR System

The US Army has developed a long distance LiDAR system allowing them to better calculate range and velocity measurements of long distance targets, such as incoming missiles. This technology allows them to more accurately discern between actual threats and false alarms. At closer … Continue reading

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Sick – Scanning for Safety

While on the industrial theme this might be a good time to highlight the new safety scanner from Sick. Sick specializes in providing scanners that are used for security and for protecting people that operate dangerous machinery in real time. … Continue reading

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3D Site Security

The author claims that laser scanners can perform better than cameras in rain and snow which perhaps for security purposes is fine Continue reading

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Point Cloud Texture – Part 2

This is the second in a series explaining the use of Google Streetview to add texture to a point cloud. In this video, the author improves the result of texturing a 3D mesh with a screenshot of Google Streetview, by … Continue reading

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“Big Brother” Laser Scanner

Imagine being able to detect a certain type of molecule from 50 meters – mind boggling. Continue reading

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Hexagon 2011 to Open in Orlando

Hexagon has a unique opportunity to link their real time sensors with a number of powerful geospatial and design software platforms. Continue reading

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Military and Intel Uses of LiDAR

There are not a lot of surprises, but the 3-D flash LiDAR capability being developed by Ball Aerospace I think is going to be the next important step forward. Continue reading

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LiDAR People Tracking

Just another app to add to the growing list of mass market uses of LiDAR and laser scanning – people tracking for security, and I suppose many other purposes. Continue reading

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