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3D Laser Scanning Can Create Value in Metrology

If you’re looking for more data in less time, 3D laser scanning may be a good choice for your metrology application. From an article on Consider a CMM. If you need to get information for 100 measurements, that takes … Continue reading

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Surveying Control – Its Misuse and Effects on Accuracy

One of the most important concepts in surveying is the principle that surveying control should be significantly more accurate than the actual survey. Some say it should be twice as accurate, some say an order of magnitude. In many cases … Continue reading

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Piping Layout Consultants Delivers 3D Paper Mill Project

Piping Layout Consultants -PLC details the benefits and best practices of using 3D laser scanning to retrofit a paper mill piping upgrade. The following is from an article in Building Design and Construction. For a recent U.S. paper mill project, … Continue reading

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3D Scanning a Roller Coaster

Roller coaster installation and maintenance is serious business. Borrowing from The Perfectionists tolerances are tight especially when you take into account the speed of travel and the forces involved. For the past 35 years, Dr. Masoud Sanayei, a Professor of … Continue reading

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The History of Precision

If you are in the measurement business, as most of us are, then you are going to want to carve out some time to read The Perfectionists – How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World, by Simon Winchester. It will … Continue reading

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Rapid Conference 2015 Call for Speakers

Looking to branch out, to venture into a new world where laser scanning, 3D printing and additive manufacturing all come together? Continue reading

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High Accuracy NIST LADAR

They believe the technology may be useful in diverse fields, including precision machining and assembly, as well as in forensics. Continue reading

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3D Laser Scan into Geomagic with a Faro Arm

Notice that the software automatically builds surfaces immediately doing away with the point cloud. If only it were that simple outside the lab. Continue reading

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3D Laser Scanner in a Box

An interesting, low cost dual laser scanner implementation from Combinatorial Design. Continue reading

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CMSC 2013

Michael Raphael from Direct Dimensions reports that the CMSC conference is next week, July 22 – 26 in San Diego. Continue reading

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