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Human Lasers

This is truly amazing. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that they can get human cells to emit light in a tightly focused beam; in other words – a laser beam. They actually found three different methods for doing … Continue reading

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The Faces of ALS

Built in collaboration with renowned 3D artist Josh Harker and Artists Lend Support (ALS) to benefit ALS research, the piece features a montage of facial scans, including those of ALS founder and survivor Brian Fender and his supporters, all taken … Continue reading

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Getting the Most Out of Your Next Geospatial Data Collection Project

After leaving this session you’ll be equipped to help your geospatial consultant better understand what solutions to develop for your needs. Continue reading

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Emotiv Insight Neuroheadset

Incredibly they have raised nearly $1 million dollars, ten times their goal. This is truly amazing technology. I have to invest in this. Continue reading

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Fuel3D – Handheld 3D Scanner for Under $1,000

This reminds me of when Magellan released the first handheld GPS receiver for under $100. The world was never the same after that. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning and Scoliosos

It is encouraging to report that laser scanning is replacing the use of a cast mold to determine the correct dimensions of the DDB Continue reading

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