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USGS 3DEP – The 3D Elevation Map is Half Full

The USGS 3D Elevation Program, or 3DEP is a momentous undertaking in terms of the cost, organizational requirements and the data management, but the good news the country is 50% completed. There will be a keynote presentation at ILMF 2019 … Continue reading

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Rhonda Dodge – “Spotlight on a Young Professional”

This interview with Rhonda Dodge is the third Lidar News Young Geospatial Spotlight Interview. Congratulations to Rhonda for what she has accomplished in a short time and please think about sharing your story. Rhonda, can you please provide a recap … Continue reading

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Year in Infrastructure 2018 Starts with Media Day

Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure 2018 conference kicks off in London on Monday with typically more than 100 members of the press in attendance. Jurors met today to go over their selections and lobby for their favorite projects. In the … Continue reading

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Geodesy Fundamentals Webinar From NGS

Dave Zenk, NGS Northern Plains Regional Geodetic Advisor is presenting a webinar on Geodesy Fundamentals October 11, 2018 at 2 PM EDT. This webinar discusses the fundamentals of astronomy, geodesy, geodetic datums, map projections, and GPS. It is intended to … Continue reading

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PSCR Awards Over $750K for PSIAP Point Cloud City

The Public Safety Communications Research Division – PSCR of NIST recently announced that three communities had been awarded grants to the Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program (PSIAP) Point Cloud City funding opportunity. This program announced this past spring has awarded The … Continue reading

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Waymo Patent Claims Rejected by USPTO

Over the past 12 months the Waymo vs. Uber lawsuit has resulted in an agreement by Uber to re-design its lidar so as not to infringe on the key “936 Waymo patent,” as well as a payment of $245 million … Continue reading

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ASPRS Announces First Two Rising Stars

Chris Stayte and Corey Ochsman are the first two benefactors of the ASPRS’ Rising Star Program. Both Chris and Corey are sponsored by Woolpert. Editor’s Note – Congratulations to Chris and Corey for achieving this well deserved status. A look … Continue reading

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Single Photon Lidar – Proper Use From an Industry Pioneer

As lidar sensor choices expand, knowing the right tool for the job is key. Single Photon Lidar – SPL, offers many benefits over traditional linear mode lidar, but it is not a panacea. by Qassim Abdullah, CP, PSM  and Michael … Continue reading

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ICESat-2 Will Carry Photon-Counting Lidar

NASA launched the ICESat-2 satellite with the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System – ATLAS in September of this year. The mission is to assess the impact of global warming on the polar ice caps and lidar is the main technology. … Continue reading

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COBie – What is it and Why is it Important?

COBie is the Construction-Operations Building information exchange. It was developed as a result of a 2007 study. (Editors Note – Ben Wallbank at the Viewpoint Surveyor blog provided this explanation.) “COBie is a vehicle for sharing what is predominantly non-graphical … Continue reading

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