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Full Ship 3D Laser Scan of USS San Diego is First Step

A team from NSWC PHD recently worked with Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific on the first full ship scan of an LPD-class ship using the laser light sensing technology known as lidar—the first step in a 3D scanning project … Continue reading

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Rail Infrastructure in Dubai 3D Modeled with Drones

The use of drones in the inspection and evaluation of rail infrastructure is improving and has become part of a rapidly maturing industry. The technology as well as its associated data analysis capabilities have been significantly expanding each year. From … Continue reading

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Rapid Archaeology Supported by Airborne Lidar

Archaeologists in Scotland, using what some are referring to as rapid archaeology have concluded a cutting-edge project which has revealed around 1,000 previously unknown sites on the Isle of Arran. From an article in Ancient Origins by Ashely Cowie. There … Continue reading

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Airborne Commercial Lidar – The Early Development Days

I was doing some research on the early days of airborne commercial lidar and luckily remembered Todd Neff had done all that work for me. Todd’s book is “The Laser That’s Changing the World,” and it is a must read … Continue reading

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GPS by Paul E. Ceruzzi Explains the Entire Story

The roots of GPS extend further back in time than the 1960’s and 70’s. Having accurate clocks and using objects in the sky to navigate are hundreds of years old. If you are in the geomatics business and like to … Continue reading

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Mobile Lidar Report and Website – Excellent Resources

Are you looking for a detailed overview of mobile lidar as it applies to transportation applications, then I have some good news for you. As part of the team that developed  NCHRP Report No. 748 we were asked to create … Continue reading

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AI and Drones – Inside DARPA’s Simulated Drone Finale

Since the Vietnam War, U.S. fighters have shot down 58 enemy planes. In that span of time, only one U.S. pilot has lost an airborne skirmish, but the combination of AI and drones may be changing all that. From an … Continue reading

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Monitoring Salt Marsh Shorelines with a UAS

This article written by Amy S. Farris, et al on monitoring salt marsh shorelines with a UAS recently appeared in Drone Below. Drones are now a vital tool in assessing the health of salt marshes which are crucial for the … Continue reading

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Tethered Drone is Not Subject to FAA Part 107

Axon (Nasdaq: AAXN), the global leader in connected public safety technologies, today announced a partnership with Fotokite, a service provider of actively tethered Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) solutions and public safety software tools, to provide their products and services as … Continue reading

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Precision Engineers Helped to Create the Modern World

If you are in the measurement business, as most of us are, then you are going to want to carve out some time to read The Perfectionists – How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World, by Simon Winchester. It will … Continue reading

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