1. The State of Utah is focusing on stimulating their knowledge-based economy.
  2. One of the investments is in the Center for Active Sensing and Imaging – CASI.
  3. This group has received a patent on a laser scanning application that they are licensing to a commercial partner.

Speaking of innovation, The Center for Active Sensing and Imaging (CASI) at Utah State University is busy developing a number of interesting laser scanning technology applications. This is part of a much larger statewide business development effort called Innovation Utah and USTAR.

The Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR) is a long-term, state-funded investment to strengthen Utah’s “knowledge economy.” This revolutionary initiative invests in world-class innovation teams and research facilities at the University of Utah and Utah State University, to create novel technologies that are subsequently commercialized through new business ventures.

CASI has been involved with building a mobile 3D camera and one recently granted patent is now being licensed to a commercial partner. They are also involved with “mapping the wind” using laser scanning, which they claim can improve the efficiency of wind farms by 10%. See also the work being done by Sigma Research and Engineering Corp. on a similar Doppler LiDAR application.

Sounds like a tremendous opportunity to tap into a 3D laser scanning business incubator environment.

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