Can’t Imagine What Jonah Lehrer Was Thinking

Cover of Imagine Can't Imagine What Jonah Lehrer Was Thinking
Can’t Imagine What Jonah Lehrer Was Thinking

I can’t imagine what Jonah Lehrer was thinking when he decided to ruin his career as a journalist and author, by making up quotes for his best seller Imagine.

First of all apologies to all the readers of the original blog over this past weekend, who like me were duped into believing that Jonah Lehrer was telling us the truth. The really sad part, now that it has come to light that Lehrer falsified information in the book, is not knowing what parts are fact and what parts are fiction.

From Michael Moynihan, the person who exposed Lehrer, we know that quotes from Bob Dylan about magically creating songs from his cabin in Woodstock were a lie. Moynihan was a Dylan groupie and he just did not buy the story Lehrer was pitching. That is what lead to him being exposed.

Now here is the really strange part, this all happened back in 2012. I don’t recall where I purchased the book, but I think it must have been from a used book dealer on Amazon. I am pretty sure my sister-in-law recommended it to me and for the past seven years I have been oblivious to the whole situation. I guess it’s something like fake news.

There are in fact some good reasons to read the book as is pointed out in this article in Poynter.

And there is an InnoCentive website that is using a great model to creatively solve difficult scientific problems.

There are many lessons to be learned from this, especially for the YGPs. I know I will be more careful.

Many thanks to Lewis Graham for providing the heads up on this. He along with some other readers tried to buy the book and were told that is no longer available.

For more information on the story click here.

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