Caltrans Goes Mobile

caltransCaltrans and many other transportation agencies for that matter are investing in mobile lidar data collection. The challenge is not the collecting, its the data management and integration into the daily workflows of these organizations, but we have to start somewhere.

In this Caltrans News Flash, Public Information Officer Gilbert Mohtes-Chan shows you how Caltrans’ high-tech Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning vehicle is revolutionizing traditional survey, design and engineering practices. This pioneering system can accomplish in only one day the amount of work it would take for a three- to four-person survey crew to do in two to three months; thereby saving time, money, and increasing worker safety.

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  2. At Quebec DOT we scan yearly since 2010 and have logged video for mobile mapping since 2004 on a 3 year cycle. We are in the process of renewing our two MLS which are owned and operated in house. Mobile lidar data becomes a prime input for pavement resurfacing design.

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