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Why Does Cadillac Super Cruise Work?

Photo by Cadillac

A recent test of the Cadillac Super Cruise option reveals that it really works. Why? The author of an article in Forbes claims because it is the quality of the HD mapping that start-up Ushr is providing. To confirm that claim General Motors awarded Ushr a Supplier of the Year award last week, a first for a start-up.

The author’s experience with lane – centering systems supplied by Mercedes Benz and Volvo did not compare to the Cadillac with Super Cruise. In an 11 hour, 700 mile drive from Dallas to Santa Fe the author had to barely touch the wheel in the Cadillac versus minute by minute corrections in the other vehicles.

“Our HD map information provides another layer of safety, precisely identifying the drivable and non-drivable areas of the roadway,” Brian Radloff, Ushr’s VP of business development and sales, told the author.

The HD map information is then compared to the real time driving conditions – the as-found conditions and if they do not match a warning is issued.

Can you imagine if all the car companies agreed to use and support one standard highway database that is part of a larger transportation asset management system that the highway agencies, vendors and the public all used and maintained?

Hey, wake up you were dreaming again…


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