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Building Security Transformed with 3D Lidar

point cloud of Building Security Supported with Lidar

Keeping the wrong people out while letting the right people in seems simple enough, right? Yet, building security has been plagued with how to handle this simple access control function for ages. As the world pivots from hardware to a software-centric approach to security, access control, building security and facility management have taken leaps in realizing what in the past we could only dream about – frictionless buildings that capture essential data and deliver that to the right parties in real time.

From an article in Security Business magazine on LinkedIn – January 2023.

By leveraging sensors and technology like LiDAR, radar, point cloud and biometrics – combined with AI/machine learning and a single pane of glass management platform – end-users and systems integrators have full control over who is allowed in a building and where they can go within the building – all while providing valuable data based on patterns, anomalies, trends, etc. This makes a major positive impact for both security and operational efficiency, life safety and even business intelligence.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the technologies:


What makes LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, or Laser imaging, detection, and ranging) technology so ideal for access control is its ability to detect and ensure that every single individual passing an entry point has presented an authorized credential. LiDAR has gained attention for its ability to map out any surface in 3D, even for airborne and mobile applications, although the technology gained attention early for its ability to map out ocean bottoms.

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