Building 3D Social Networks with 2D Photos

  1. Bill Gutelius at Active Imaging Systems provided this non-laser scanning, 3D story lead.
  2. Researchers are building dense point cloud 3D models from tens of thousands of 2D photos.
  3. 3D is a disruptive technology.

A loyal LiDAR News contributor, Bill Gutelius at Active Imaging Systems provided this story lead. Although the technology being discussed does not involve laser scanning, it is all about 3D, and in the end this is the truly disruptive technology.

The main item of interest is the ability to take unstructured two-dimensional photos and turn them into a three-dimensional model. This is the IP behind Microsoft’s Photosynth service, but then a group of researchers decided they wanted to scale the project to millions of photos so that they could generate true three-dimensional images, or what they refer to as a “dense point cloud.” Turns out you don’t need a scanner to do this, not at least from this group’s point of view.

Like any any good social networking idea the researchers have now turned it into a game. There is even the thought of creating the equivalent of Geocaching, an Internet-based game to create 3D models of the world.

That’s why it really is all about 3D.

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