Boot Camp Training

  1. Spar 2009 will host 2 industry Boot Camps on March 29, 2009.
  2. The 3D laser scanning industry needs a long term education and a short term training strategy.
  3. We need to document the demand for training and education in order to move the industry forward.

While on the subject of education and training Tom Greaves from Spar Point Research tells me that the laser scanning and forensic/security Boot Camps are getting a lot of interest at the upcoming Spar 2009 conference. These are being held next Sunday March 29 from 3 to 6 PM. The curriculum for the Boot Camps is coming from the Spar Advisory Board so they should be a great opportunity to learn from the best. I will be attending the entire conference and will be providing daily reports. I hope to meet a lot of you there.


The announcement concerning the OSU program is great news to the industry in the long term, but I think there is also a need for a short term strategy, such as the Spar Boot Camps. This gets us back to the “catch 22” that the 3D laser scanning industry is facing – companies are not able to expand, or even consider going into the laser scanning business due to the lack of trained personnel. I know that some companies are considering going off shore should some of the contracts that they are negotiating come through.

In today’s market there is not a lot of opportunity for an individual/company to get out in front of the skills/experience curve without making a significant hardware or software purchase, and that point you are only going to receive training on a specific vendor’s proprietary technology. This is not like AutoCAD or ArcGIS where you know you can rely on the fact there is a talent pool being developed at the 2 and 4 year schools, but that has only come about because of Autodesk and ESRI making the investments over the past 30 years in education programs.

Today’s leading vendors, as Leica Geosystems has  done, are going to have to step up. But that it is only one half of the equation.  It is really about supply and demand. That is how we need to look at it if we are going to break the cycle.

If you are seeing the need for trained 3D laser scanning personnel please help me to quantify that demand.

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