BIM Igloo and Drones

iglooNow this looks amazing. It’s called the BIM  Igloo and the video following is really all you need to see to understand the value of this idea.

As well as the usual BIM techniques, the alliance has invested in a BIM Igloo: a fully immersive 360-degree visualisation platform. Welsh Water says it is the first water company in the UK to use this technology and that it has had a positive effect already.

“It’s allowed us to reduce design work during the construction and handover period and it’s allowed us to engage earlier with our supply chain,” Mr Parkin says. “Another advantage is that we’ve been able to bring these designs to life and allow our operations team to see the design, virtually walk around it, and have input into the design for its long-term operation. Having their buy-in is a great move forward.”

“We’ve just started a trial on drones with the University of South Wales,” Mr Parkin says. “We’re trialling the drones to survey those sorts of assets that are difficult to get to, which will help us reduce health and safety risks and also costs. In an ideal world, we’d like to link that back to the Igloo and use it to display the footage.”

These are going to be very popular.


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