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BIM for Infrastructure Webinar Next Week

The Highway Engineering Exchange Program (HEEP) would like to announce an exciting new twist to IHEEP that we have organized as part of the 2018 event. In coordination with our partners on this effort, we extend an invitation to the BIM (Building Information Modeling) for Infrastructure series of virtual meetings.

There will be two virtual meetings in 2018, leading up to a panel discussion at the 60th annual IHEEP conference on September 24, 2018. The second one will be Wednesday June 20, 2018 from 1:00 to 2:00 CDT. You can register here.

BIM for Infrastructure is a topic on everyone’s mind these days. The understanding of the key elements of BIM and its benefits seems to vary from organization to organization.

Like the US, UK public and private transportation entities are being asked to do more with less under strict requirements and significant restrictions. BIM for infrastructure has played an important role, and many lessons have come from experiences in the both the US and the UK. To date in the US, the application of BIM varies from state to state, but the desire to explore it and use it seems to be accelerating. Valuable lessons are available from both the US and UK’s experience with BIM for infrastructure.

These moderated panel discussions are geared around an exchange of ideas, where transportation practitioners can learn and understand key elements of BIM, implementation concepts and further benefits. These meetings will consist of 6 panel members and a moderator with perspectives from the Government, Consulting and Contractor point of view, with participation from both US and UK organizations. These virtual meetings are open to anyone with an interest in BIM for Infrastructure.

The recording for the first webinar is here.

Take this survey at any time to help drive the conversation and content of these discussions.

The 60th annual IHEEP conference takes place in Lincoln, Nebraska from September 23-27, 2018. Time to register.


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