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Big Data and Lidar

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing new solutions for the responsible and sustainable use of the resources of agriculture, forestry and fishery, as part of an international consortium. The main goal is to use Big Data particularly in the raw material production for the bioeconomy industry to produce food, energy and biomaterials. In forestry, MHG Systems is leading pilots that develop services enabled by forest data.

The Data-Driven Bioeconomy project (DataBio), co-funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, deals with massive flows of information collected through sensors placed in the soil and air, as well as from aerial and satellite imagery. The aim is to improve the decision-making of farmers, foresters and fishermen.

The 26 agriculture, forestry and fishery pilots of the project are developing common software tools for analyzing and refining information flows. The pilot results and new solutions are also expected to create new business opportunities and increase the use of Big Data technologies in the primary production for the bioeconomy industry.

Satellite images are used to identify forest damages and prepare felling plans. Growing trees can be mapped even more precisely using airborne laser scanning. These methods can be used to automatically identify tree species, amounts and health, which means that forest owners can better plan their operations.

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  • Great job!
    I am absolutely agree, in fact, before I know you and what are you doing… I dreamed and now, planning how to achieve it, right now Im finishing my PhD in Agricultural economics, studying some courses of bioeconomy and, at the same time starting up with drones in agriculture to generate data that become in information and so, in knowledge that support right decisions in precision agriculture or even better, digital agriculture.
    Whatever I can collaborate with you from Chapingo University in Mexico, Ill be glad!

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