Be Inspired

beBentley Systems’ Be Inspired Awards which are part of the Year in Infrastructure Conference opens on Monday in London.

The name for this event really tells it all. As some of you know I consider this the premier built environment technology user conference of the year. The level of the presentations from companies around the world are unmatched, but it is the passion that comes through, both from the customers and the Bentley staff that make this event truly inspiring.

It’s one thing to advertise to keep your company’s brand in front of your customers, but it’s another to have your customers promote the value of your products/services to an international audience of senior executives.

Next year’s conference moves to Singapore where Bentley’s software is being used to create one of the most sophisticated 3D smart cities in the world. The top 3 submissions in each category are reimbursed for their travel and hotel so I’ll let you know when the call for submissions rolls around next year.

I hope to see you there.

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