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AV Test Initiative Will Encourage Failure Reporting

point cloud AV Test Initiative Encourages Failure Reporting

AV Test Initiative Encourages Failure Reporting

Federal safety regulators on Monday launched an effort to get companies working on autonomous vehicle – AV technology to share more data about the limits of their systems.

From an article in Forbes by Greg Gardner.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is creating an online source so consumers can see then things go wrong when self-driving cars are tested. The agency is calling it the Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing, or the AV Test Initiative.

While a variety of companies from auto manufacturers to Alphabet’s Waymo unit to ride-hailing services continue developing semi-autonomous technology, widespread commercial deployment lies somewhere in the future.

The move comes after a poll by Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) found that a majority of Americans don’t think self-driving technology is ready for widespread use.

The technology, which relies on tiny cameras, sensors and 3-D laser scanning technology called Lidar, has been refined significantly to anticipate a large number of real-life scenarios. But it still hasn’t been easy to measure to what degree the technology is improving safety in test fleets. This new program will hopefully begin to improve this.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires companies testing driverless cars in the state to report how often human drivers were forced to take control of their vehicles, but critics have long asserted it leaves wiggle room for companies to withhold information about certain failures.

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