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Photo of Beep - Autonomous Mobility

Beep – Autonomous Mobility

Beep is one of the first autonomous mobility systems operating in a real traffic environment on a small route in Orlando, FL. It is currently running at 15 mph which is too slow and is causing a less than a warm welcome by residents of the area. Thanks to my good friend – JFD for the heads up.

Founded by experienced fleet managers and technology entrepreneurs, Beep delivers the next generation of services for passenger mobility to fleet operators in planned communities and low speed environments across the public and private sector, including transportation hubs, medical and university campuses, town centers and more. From route planning to on-board interactive services, our offerings are designed to drive differentiation and innovation, and delight the passengers of our customers.


Beep is exclusive dealer and preferred partner for shared mobility autonomous vehicle research and development for NAVYA in Florida.

The shuttle, developed by NAVYA, serves cities and private sites by bringing ever more mobility. In the city or on a private site, it is an innovative, effective, clean and intelligent mobility solution that guarantees autonomous transport performance as well as a comfortable trip for the first and last mile, thanks to its gentle navigation.

Capable of transporting up to 15 people, this vehicle delivers a number of valuable advantages. Deploying fleets of shuttles makes it possible for operators to improve productivity on private sites, and eases road congestion in urban centers. And, for passengers riding on the shuttle, they can enjoy a pleasant trip while making the most of their commute time.‚Äč

More information on the NAVYA AUTONOM SHUTTLE

For more information on Beep click here.

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