Automating 3D Quality Control

USIBD_BannerAd_250x250_75dpi-1John Russo, founder of the USIBD and ARC has proposed an interesting challenge to the 3D laser scanning industry. He would like to see quality control built into the processing software.

What is needed is a way to validate the accuracy of the measurements as well as the accuracy of the deliverable created from the point cloud, whether that be CAD or BIM.

The  U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) has begun to help solve this need with the introduction of its Level of Accuracy (LOA) Specification.  This spec provides five ranges of accuracy.  While having a way to specify accuracy is great, what is needed now is a way to validate the data in an easy, automated fashion.

John comments, “I know it is possible to get registration error reports that tell us how accurate the scan registration is, but what about using software to automate a comparison of the represented data (CAD line work or modeled data) to the point cloud.  The software could tell us and show us where the represented data is off from the point cloud.”

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