Autodesk Takes BIM to the Cloud

One of the original CAD newsletter editors is Ralph Grabowski. He has been reporting on CAD since 1985. In his current publication upFront.Ezine he stirred up quite a controversy recently when he declared the cloud is dead, at least as far as CAD is concerned. Ralph is not afraid to take a stand and when he does people listen.

With Ralph in the audience today, Autodesk announced it was taking BIM (and lots more) to the cloud. He got more than a few tweets about that. In any case the Desk is certainly putting its full weight behind the Autodesk 360 for BIM initiative.

So where does that leave point clouds since Revit now supports this data type? There was no direct mention of it in the press release, but it will certainly have to be addressed. Is the performance there to manage large point clouds in Revit over the web, or should we say in the cloud? Is this disruptive change in the making?

It will be interesting to see where this goes.


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