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Autodesk Announces Support for Point Clouds

  1. Autodesk just announced the release of their point cloud feature.
  2. It will only be available to Map 3D and Civil 3D customers via the subscription center.
  3. Now that Autodesk is in the game it will be interesting to track how this progresses.

For the second week in a row there is BIG news from a CAD vendor. On Wednesday Autodesk announced the long expected release of their support for point clouds. Initially the point cloud feature is being offered to Map 3D and Civil 3D subscription customers only as a free download from the online subscription center. This is the first support for point clouds inside AutoCAD.

This announcement is certainly welcome news to the AutoCAD community and sends a message to the other software/hardware vendors that Autodesk is finally in the game. It will certainly be interesting to track the reaction to this and to see what the future brings now that customers have something to specifically comment on.

Some of the new functionality includes the ability to import LAS and ASCII point data; the ability to stylize point data based on LAS classification, RGB, elevation or intensity; point filtering and masking; snapping to points in the cloud using AutoCAD software tools; and the ability to export surfaces generated with the feature.

If you know of anyone that has access to the software I would appreciate hearing what they think of the new feature. Might be time to renew that subscription.

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