AutoCAD 2014 – Reality Capture

Autodesk released the annual upgrade to AutoCAD today. For those of you who are keeping track AutoCAD 2014 is the 28th release of AutoCAD – impressive. This is the first release since the acquisition of Alice Labs 18 months ago so I could not wait to read the highlights of the new reality capture support in 2014.

Looks like you can now attach your point cloud to an ACAD drawing.  ReCap is a separate application which enables you to create a point cloud project file (RCP) that references multiple indexed scan files (RCS). It is installed with AutoCAD 2014, by default and you can launch it from the Window’s Start menu or from the Autodesk ReCap desktop icon.

From there it sounds like they have added some interesting utilities – time will tell. I am working on getting a briefing to provide you with more in-depth information. If you have the chance to experiment please let us know what you find. Stay tuned.

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